Bath House Products

The Bath House was founded in 1997 with a simple aim to create the very best bathing and bodycare products, that are a joy to use and are ‘naturally good’ for the skin. Many of their formulations are made with up to 98% natural ingredients. Each precious drop of essential oil and carefully sourced natural extracts are specifically chosen for their beneficial properties. Fragrance is at the heart of the Bath House, the colognes and perfumes are all truly unique and unexpected with a choice which is as sophisticated and chic, as it is delicious and diverse. Made with mild, gentle, safe ingredients. Bath house products do not contain parabens or the chemical surfactant S.L.S. or T.E.A. Their long lasting perfumes are all made with a natural alcohol which is gentle on the skin and a sustainable Palm Oil is used in their soaps. Bath House do not test on animals.

Affordable luxuries to use everyday.....

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