Trollbead Buying Guide

Trollbead Bracelet

1. Choose your Trollbead chain

Remember, if you're creating a Trollbead bracelet, measure your wrist and add at least 1 cm. This will allow your finished bracelet to move freely when you have added your favourite charms and beads.
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Trollbead Locks

2. Add a lock to your bracelet

Trollbead locks are sold separately to the chains and are a fabulous way of adding your own personal style from the very beginning of your trollbead journey.
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Trollbead Stopper

3. Adding a security chain and stoppers

We suggest only putting a security chain on when your bracelet is 2/3 full to keep it in place. Security chains add a great finishing touch to your bracelet! Trollbead stoppers are static on your bracelet and help spread your charms out and weight it evenly, preventing your charms from gathering at one end.
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